The difficulty of the first blog post

Facing the blank text-box of your first blog post is no easy business. Your usually cool and dry hands become sweaty, and a tiny anxiety attack starts heading your way. You are tempted to open a new tab and browse for other people’s first entries, but you know that is cheating, and you are better than that. You think about small-talk clichés about the weather and the state of the economy, but you want to be oh so original.

I breathe in… and then breathe out. Again. And you are still here.

You should always know who your readers are in order to write for them, right? Good. Only this time I will selfishly write for my own pleasure about things that concern me, around my life, city, family, dreams and nightmares. I will be true to myself. And will keep it that way. (Unless I get a pair of those Jimmy Choos in return, of course).



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