From island to island

Staring at the screen, trying to overcome the (in)famous “blank page”. I’m thinking I should be full of ideas, bursting with creativity, too many things to write, too little time… after all, it is only my second post.  I wonder how many posts am I allowed to complain about having no idea what I am writing about – and if anyone care. I wonder also  if I am still allowed to moan about how early I wake up to catch a train to Stockholm every morning, knowing that we are moving into Stocholm in just 6 weeks. Can you call a 10 min ride on the underground “commuting”? Would that be an insult to my then former fellow commuters who will keep taking the 6:25 train? Maybe I will walk instead. Should be nice going through Södermalm, crossing Gamla Stan and up Drottninggatan. From island to island, dreaming with my eyes open.



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