The Bonusmamma

Stepmother“The what?” – I hear you say. Bonusmamma is a very Swedish term that really means Step-mother (only nicely said). I happen to be a step-mother (or bonusmammma). I am not very sure how it happened, but it happened. It is not exactly one of those things you want to be after reading Sleeping Beauty or any Disney story. The fairy-tales from your childhood always made you want to be the Princess, the Bella, the one who marries Prince Charming. Only no one talks about what happens after having married him. And sometimes what happens is that you change characters and stop playing Princess to become the evil, wicked, heartless Step-Mother. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. It can happen to anyone.

I became a step-mother (or bonusmamma!) at the age of 28. I didn’t exactly did it with full knowledge and awareness of what it would be. To be honest, I didn’t even think about it. I was more interested in living my love story (as a Princess!), than in worrying about the imminent change of costume waiting for me at the corner. Of course I had met the kids before I got married, only not as an evil, wicked, heartless Step-Mother. No. I was the Princess. I was living on my own in a tiny-but-charming studio flat in London, working in the advertising industry (for girlie brands!), partying and spending my hard-earned money in shoes, clothes and make-up (and the rent!) – even if it meant eating tuna and rice for the last two weeks of the month. You know the rest: girl falls in love with boy, boy proposes, girl says yes and moves to another country where they speak a different language and is cold and snowy half of the year. And she becomes a Step Mother.

This part of my blog is about what happened after. How did the Fabulous-glamorous-shoe-loving Princess manage to become a Fabulous-glamorous-bonusmamma who still buys shoes – only this time in different sizes.



  1. Que buena suerte tiene mis “nietastras” de tu seas su hermosa “Bonusmamma”. Muy al contrario de esos cuentos que mencionas. Van a aprender a hacer buenas compras, a preparar guacamole, a bailar la danza de los viejitos (jajaja) , a comportarse con “glamour” (recuerdas?) y otras cosas maravillosas que tu tienes. Reitero lo dicho: “¡Que niñas tan suertudas! y que inteligente su padre jajajaja.


  2. ¡Hola!, Glenda.
    Hasta que te animaste a hacer tu blog, ¡te felicito! Así que ahora también te tienes que enfrentar a la pantalla en blanco. Sí, es como los escritores en crisis creativa, pero como yo no soy escritor, pues entonces, para mi no es problema por el momento y espero que cuando me decida a escribir en serio mis ideas fluyan libremente. De lo que me cuidaré es de no abusar mucho de los adjetivos.
    Pero volviendo a la idea de Bonusmmama, creo que tuviste que superar un dilema hamletiano: “ser o no ser”. Me imagino que recordarás que tuvimos una pequeña plática al respecto, pero finalmente decidiste y decidiste muy bien. Tus Bonusdaughters, (¿se les podrá llamar así?), estarán muy orgullosas de ti y no tengo la menor duda de que recibirán una educación globalizada. Por el momento no quiero agregar más pues tu mamá me está diciendo que lea lo que hoy escribiste, so, let me see.


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