Salty liquorice for breakfast

Salty liquoriceOk, it sounds disgusting, I know. But it really is not that bad. Before I met my hubby I used to hate liquorice. The smell alone would make me gag. Anything that tasted or smelled like liquorice was banned from entering my mouth. When I was living in France I tried many, many times to drink Pastis and like it. I could not get past the first sip without wanting to wash my mouth with something else (vodka and cranberry, maybe?) – like a big piece of lime. Anything. Whatever. Just. Not. Pastis. And when I was tricked into tasting a piece of salty liquorice, I found it so horrendous that I managed to eat my way through a whole bag of Maltesers (I still haven’t found a better excuse than that one!).

Becoming a stepmom is like learning to like a new taste. Something that you thought “oh, no way!” starts getting its way through, and one day you think “maybe”. Happened to me, both with becoming a stepmom and with liquorice. The sweet, and the salty ones. Liquorice, that is. It happens, just like that. But you have to try it. You have to want to try it. That is the trick. If, like with anything, you don’t really want to try something, then it is very unlikely that you will like it.

And then one day you wake up and steal the salty liquorice from your hubby’s candy stash – and have it for breakfast!


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