25 things about me

Last week was all about writing 100 things about yourself, apparently… I still think 100 is a bit too much, so I am going to go for 25. Here are 25 things about me, you probably didn’t know, in no particular order:

1 – My middle name is Vanessa
2 – I love 70% dark chocolate
3 – I believe in the power of a manicure
4 – I stripped in the middle of Nieman Marcus when I was 4
5 – My dad fooled me into giving away my kitten in exchange of getting two geese (and I am still waiting)
6 – I regret having dropped out of piano lessons
7 – My favourite flavour is lemon
8 – My idea of a good picnic includes 2 ingredients: strawberries and champagne
9 – The first time I tried curry was in London and I was 24
10 – I bought about 12 pairs of shoes after breaking up with a boyfriend
11 – I wish I had wavy hair – and I have always had
12- The best present I have ever received is my dog, Rico
13 – I admit I am quite spoiled – but I also know I am worth it!
14 – My hands are in a permanent state of cold
15 – I didn’t always have freckles, they just appeared one day
16 – I can skip 3 meals and eat a whole tub of ice-cream for the same calories, and would
17 – I miss cherries from south France (eating them, not picking them!)
18 – I have made peace with my bum, and accepted it will always be slightly bigger than I would like it to be
19 – I love my feet and that is why I dress them up with cute shoes
20 – I used to wake up at 5 am to read “A hudred years of solitude” in peace and quiet
21 – I love stationery and can’t have too many pens
22 – I can remember what I dreamed the night before almost every day
23 – The thing I enjoy the most when traveling is the feeling when coming back home
24 – The first time I saw my stepkids throw up, I threw up myself
25 – I kiss Rico good night





  1. Love this!!!!
    Though Glendi sorry but “I believe in the power of a manicure” is not exactly a secret 😉 te he he.
    Can’t wait to see you in May x


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