Just made something up for dinner – literally

I have absolutely nothing of use in the fridge. A couple of tomatoes, blue cheese, some sun dried tomatoes, jalapeno peppers (x2), and marmelade… and some diced meat. So I had to be creative. First, I chopped the meat and stir-fried with salt and pepper. Not impressed. Mixer out and attempted to mince the meat. Back to the pan. I added some passata. Still no good – you can’t really fool a 6 year old with minced-meat-wannabe. And this is where I got creative, and invented (I really think I did) a Mexican Lasagna: a flour tortilla in an oven pan, cover with cheese, add the meat, tortilla no.2, more cheese, more meat, tortilla no.3, more cheese, more meat… you get the idea. Cover with foil and in the oven. Waiting for the kids and hubby to come back from judo. Just checked and yoghurt and cereal are in stock, just in case…



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