Today is Mother’s Day in Mexico

Today is Mother’s Day in Mexico, one of the most important family-days of the year. Today, hundreds of mothers in Mexico will not only get cards and flower from their dear children, but also (sit back now) microwaves, fridges, irons, hand-mixers, and all sorts of domestic appliances. I could tell you where my mom would stick her new hand-mixer if any of us would dare give her that as a Mother’s Day present, but maybe you can already imagine!

Well, Mother’s Day is a bit of a funny holiday for us Stepmoms, Bonusmammas, Plastic-moms, or whatever it is you call it. We are not mothers. We did not bear a little “alien” for 9 months nor then pushed it out of bodies with all the love and pain childbirth brings. But is it just that being a mom? You gave birth therefore you are a mom? I think not.

Mother’s Day should cater also for non-bio moms: stepmoms, adoptive moms, the woman who helped raise you. So, should we mix it? I can already hear all the moms of the world roaring. Should we demand society a Step-mothers day? Wouldn’t that be some sort of b-list holiday?

Personally, I am not that bothered. Maybe because I know that when Mother’s Day in Sweden comes, I too get a hand-made little card that makes my day. And Daddy knows better than to get me some household appliances for a present!


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