If I was a bit nervous about Rico finding “home” in Södermalm, 4 weeks have proven that I needn’t be. Almost every time we go for a walk we meet other puggies or frenchies who become his new friends. So far we have met Doris (Rico’s favorite so far), Larry, Daddy, Kjersty… and the rest of the names I forgot. In any case, we were invited to join a Sunday Mopsträff – or Pug-meeting – at Vitaberg’s park, and had a fantastic time. Must admit that in the beginning Rico looked a bit overwhelmed, and didn’t really found his place… but after 10 minutes he was feeling at home among all the new friends. I think he is in love with Doris. He has all the signs.



  1. Jajajaja ya le salió lo “galán” de su parte Cárdenas, y eso que aún ni conoce a su abuelo y a sus tios……….jajajaja (De lo Cuevas…mejor me callo. Sin palabras jajajaja)


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