Rarely but common – about a blog

Googling through different terms for Bonusmamma I found a very nice and warm blog. Interesting enough, it is written by:

1. A girl (like me!)

2. Who is with a guy who has two small kids (me again!)

3. Who does not have kids of her own (ring a bell?)

Ok. That wasn’t too hard. The fun part is that she works in the same business I work (sort of), and rants about the same things I do, only she does dare say it. Damn it! Need some sharpening up!

Go Malin! 🙂



  1. I’ve totally missed this one! Yay, thanks! I will be happy to read about another “Bonusmamma”, since all the other “real moms” have a whole other experience to deal with.


    1. haha No worries! It’s really great to realise you’re not going crazy – or at least that you’re not the only one!

      In the latest Amelia there is a section dedicated to Stepmoms, have you seen it?


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