Meet Glenda

This is what happens when you google your name. It came as a chain of events, as I googled someone else’s name, and came across this page with stats about names in Sweden. Obviously I checked for “Glenda”. A whole lot of 34! and 10 of them in Stockholm. Anyway, this led to me inserting “Glenda” on the google search bar in my browser (as you would logically do), and just under the first ranked result (The Gay and Lesbian Neighborhood Development Association (GLENDA), this came up:

Glenda, the Plan 9 Bunny

Scroll down the Search results and you will find that Glenda, the Plan 9 Bunny actually has a home: Glenda’s lair. And a book. And to steal a bit from the description, “Through horror, psychedelia, and, ultimately, a skewed approach to conventional storytelling, French gets to the dark middle of the human psyche, crafting a truly unique comic-book experience.” Cute. Very. Cute.

Glenda obviously dislikes Linux


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