On the phone this morning…

Telephone call this morning.

Hubby: Hi, what are you doing?

Me: Hi, er… I’m at work. What’s up?

H: Well, my friend called and they are one short for the innebandy game tonight, and I am thinking of going. Do you mind?

M: Cool, not at all. I mean, I just cancelled my training this afternoon because we need to go shopping, the fridge is empty and the kids are coming tomorrow. Which reminds me, by the way, their rooms are a real war-zone, we need to tidy them up.

H: Yeah, well… we throw everything on the floor for now, we do have the weekend for cleaning up. I already agreed to innebandy tonight.

M: But there is a proper mountain of clothes on the kids’ beds, we haven’t properly unpacked their stuff from when were in Haparanda, and clothes are lying everywhere, literally. Plus, you already planned a fishing trip all Saturday.

H: Ok, we can figure it out later.

M: Ok but I am telling ya’, I’m not cleaning up those rooms by myself. Your kids, you know? Bye bye training for today.

H: Well. I am going to stop calling you now. You are a nag.

M: Ok. But if you don’t help with the rooms, I won’t clean them either.

H: Good-bye, nag

M: Nag you later, hubby.



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