We did it: Dinner in the dark

When we got married (the second time) two years ago, we got an amazing gift from Peter’s friends, Marcus, Kaj and Böhö. It was a gift voucher from Liveit.se, which we could trade for whatever experience we wanted to have. Time and procrastination made it so that only after two years we could actually redeem our voucher, book the experience and live it. We chose Dinner in the Dark, and that’s how we spent our weekend.

We arrived to Almåsa, which is about 35km from Stockholm, on Saturday early afternoon. We checked in, got our room and planned to spend the afternoon in the sauna and the pool, waiting for the apperitif to start at 6:30. The room we got was nothing to be impressed for. Moreover, it was dirty, the sofa had what I think are cookie crumbles, and there had been something spillt inside the mini-bar. Yucks. On my way out to complain, Peter said I should take it easy (so typical!), and that we can just relax and enjoy the pool and forget about the crumbles – who wanted to seat on the sofa anyway? So we headed out to the indoor pool. Surprise, suprise: full of sand. Sand, sand and more sand at the bottom of the pool. Dip in? I don’t think so. At that point, we were very, very disappointed. Our weekend of relax and love was over. Who wanted to stay in a not-very-cosy room, or take a splurge into a pool full of sand? no, thanks.

We went back to our room, packed our stuff, and headed to Reception, where we intended just to leave the keys and head back to Stockholm. However, the girl at Reception, who was fantastic and listened to everything, seemed very understanding and helpful, and asked us to give them a second chance. So we did. We went for a coffee, and before we had finished it she came back with another set of keys. This time, she pointed us to a different building, and she said that we were still free to leave if after having seen the room we didn’t want to stay. So we went there, feeling slightly better after a nice latte outside, and went into our room. Suprise, surprise (of the nice-kind):

Champagne, strawberries, truffles and grapes

Our Welcome gift

Fresh strawberries, truffles and grapes

Real fresh, real yummy, real sexy

Sunny balcony

Sunny balcony

View from our room

View from our room

Rooms at Almåsa

Rooms at Almåsa

Fresh lavender

Fresh lavender

As for the actual dinner, all I can say is that it was fantastic. A truly beautiful experience that everyone should live at least once. No cameras were allowed, so no pictures, and I won’t tell more about it. Just one thing: do it. You won’t regret it. I am very, very happy we gave them a second chance. Our little weekend away for our second anniversary will be something not to forget.


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