A new costume for Halloween – and a pinch of jealousy

Spindelklänning BR

S' new spider dress

It’s been a bit tough couple of weeks these last ones. Lots of pressure at work, preparing for guests (my friends Danny and Daz visit was the best!), and life in general. So I have been neglecting my blog a bit…

Anyway, yesterday I gave a lecture at the University, and it was very fulfilling. It’s great to see the faces of the curious and ambitious youth who will take over the world in the coming years. It is also quite draining, so at the end of the day I was exhausted.

When the family came back from school and work, I took S to BR in Ringen, Södermalm, to buy her Halloween dress. It was a very nice walk with her, during which we talked a lot, and she said how much she likes to spend time alone with me. That was really nice to hear. Sometimes kids can be a nightmare, and sometimes they are just so sweet you want to eat them like small cupcakes.

She got her costume with her own money too, which I thought was great. She received some money last Christmas, saved it up, and bought something that she really wanted – and she was very proud too!

Healthy siblings relationships always include a pinch of jealousy, and in the case of my bonuskids this is no different. So you can imagine little E’s face when we got back, and S tried on her costume. She was very, very angry. We tried to reason with her about S saving up and buying it with her own money, but it was little comfort. She had to be reminded of her last e-shopping for headphones, which she got with her own Christmas money too.

Then after some pasta and meatballs, everything was forgotten and routine took back its place: tooth-brushing, face-washing, pj’s and bed. And hubby and I went to bed at 9.


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