A real party lamp!

As I missed last week’s Design class, I totally missed that there was an assignment. I only found out because there was an extra class on Monday and someone asked how my lamp project was going. So with only a few hours before the deadline, I had to think fast – and make a lamp. Easy. The catch: it had to work. Darn!

So after a few hours of non-sleep and a few nightmares involving lamps, and a speedy visit to the vet, I went to work conviced I had the perfect idea for a quick, quirky enough, functional lamp that would work. So at lunch time I went to Myrorna’s and collected what later I would label as a bunch of junk: an old pink hat, a stand, three metallic sheep, a plastic water-and-glitter filled heart, and a bright green flower. With all that I would make a lamp. Not.

I didn’t even have to try to realise that this idea of lamp was not going to work, so in a brief moment of inspiration, and with the nostalgy of my nights in London drinking cocktails with my girlfriends, I had an idea. And this is the result. Not bad, not bad at all.

My "One More Margarita" lamp

My "One More Margarita" lamp, made with cocktail paper umbrellas


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