The photo-album

A few weeks ago I took Saga (8) for a trip to the bookstore, where she got the big photo-album she had been asking for. It remained empty for a couple of weeks, and the nagging about getting a photo-album turned into a nagging about getting actual photos. In this day and age printed photographs are rare, and our household is not the exception. All of our photos are on digital format, and therefore her photo-album remained empty for that long.

Two days ago, Saga (8) and Elsa (7) came to pick me up from work, and for the first time have a look at the place. Everyone had left by then, and the office was empty except for the cleaner. After a quick look-around, Saga spotted the big colour printer, and quickly connected the dots: big colour printer + Glenda’s laptop filled with photos + empty photo-album at home = it’s now or never! So we sat down and browsed through the hundreds of photos to find the ones she wanted. 30 print-outs, a coke, and a banana later, she was a very happy kid, and I was a very happy stepmom.

“Glenda, you have the best job in the world!” — because as it seems, my job is to print out family photographs in the office’s big colour printer. Oh, and McDonald’s is just three doors away.

So last night it was all about cutting and pasting the bright coloured pictues into the black paper in the album, – did I mention I managed to find a white gel pen that was just spot-on? – and with her “Glenda, I love it when we do things together” all the paper bits in the floor being chewed by our puppy Ove did not bother me anymore.




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