To bonusmammas-in-the-make:

HeartI recently met a girl who reminds me a lot about myself. She is young and wants to literally eat the world, and at 25 she is pretty much where I was when I was 25. Except that she is dating this guy who has kids (I only did that when I turned 28). Anyway, she reminds me of myself, and the other day I was thinking what I would like to tell her about becoming the “dad’s girlfriend” and what she is getting into. I wondered if I would have liked that someone had told/warned me about all what this lifestyle entails. And then I remembered that I did get this “advice” from a colleage in London who married a guy with kids. She said: “run while you can!” I heard but I didn’t listen. And it feels good. So what would I tell this girl? I would simply say “follow your own heart”. That’s it.


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