We have feathers in our hair

Steve Tyler rocking the feathers!

The kids spent last weekend with us. I had to rushed in the morning to my Weight Watchers meeting (did I mention I already lost like 3 -almost 4- kg!?) near Hötorget, and dragged Saga with me. She is always happy to hang out without her sister, so she got ready in no-time and was at the door when I was still drying my hair. Anyway, the meeting was cancelled due to illness, and we found another meeting 5 blocks from where we live. So we rushed back and dragged two fellow “fatties” with us – who were also going to the meeting in Hötorget- and made it on time.

On the way back, I wanted to trim my fringe, so we stopped by the hairdressers where I cut my hair last. Last time I was there I got a really cute feather extension stuck to my hair, and it has lasted quite a while now. As a treat and to reward her really good behavior, I let Saga pick her own feather and get it on her hair. A bright green thick and long feather, perfect for the Melodifestivalen’s general rehearsal, for which we had tickets that afternoon.

Obviously Elsa also wanted one as soon as she spotted the brightly coloured feather in her sister’s hair. So at the time they both were sent to school the following Monday, they both have bright coloured feathers in their hair, green and turquoise, a big smile and lots to tell about Melodifestivalen and getting feathers in their hair.



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