Photo assignment 2: lines and colours

The assignment for last week (I know, late post…) was all about colours and lines. It was about composition, golden mean, and what makes a photo interesting. As a nice change from the previous week, we sort of forgot the technical part, and just went into the creative. My two shots of the week where taken form the office at Kungsgatan, looking down into Hötorget.

1. What I like about this photo is how clean everything is, but especially that little round table in the balcony. However, what strikes me the most is the harmony that all the shades have, as they seem to be all down on the same angle. It’s so Scandinavia.

Orange shades in Kungsgatan

The sensor-activated orange shades.

2. The market stall in Hötorget. Do you notice how the asparagus sort of make the Mexican flag? Ok, the Italian one. Whatever. I am fascinated by the colours – and they are not easy to find this time of the year in Stockholm!

The market stall in Hötorget

The market stall in Hötorget

Next assignment: Depth of field, so stay tuned!


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