A wicked stepmother!

A what? A bonusmamma. Plastic-mom, fake-mom, play-mom, or the most popular one, step-mom. Plus “adventure” (which is the fun part). A lot has been already said about step-moms; everyone knows one, real or not (refer to the Grimm’s brothers if you insist). Our reputation precedes us, and often includes words like evil, wicked, selfish, bitch, second-woman… to say the least.

But if after having read the books, and are still not scared by us wicked step-mothers, then keep reading and you will get to the “adventure” part. For me being a step-mom is something that one day happened to me, and that is part of my own big adventure. And the entries here are just a tiny part of it (even if sometimes they feel like a gigantic part of an ordinary daily life).

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A Healthy Stepmother . . . shakes and sighs.

Reblogged from A Healthy Stepmother: I drove my 75-year-old father to the eye doctor yesterday. He struggles with diabetes and the health complications that go along with it. He was … Continue reading →

Make-up, dance and fun!

Ok, I am late with this post; it should’ve ideally been out back in January, but hey, better late than never! It was a bit of a mission to get … Continue reading →

We have feathers in our hair

The kids spent last weekend with us. I had to rushed in the morning to my Weight Watchers meeting (did I mention I already lost like 3 -almost 4- kg!?) … Continue reading →

To bonusmammas-in-the-make:

I recently met a girl who reminds me a lot about myself. She is young and wants to literally eat the world, and at 25 she is pretty much where … Continue reading →

The photo-album

A few weeks ago I took Saga (8) for a trip to the bookstore, where she got the big photo-album she had been asking for. It remained empty for a … Continue reading →

Bonusmamma and Dagis rules

There is a lot of good things about Sweden. Great outdoors, very clean water (except in Skellefteå), a great social security blanket, and Saturday’s candy – to name a few. … Continue reading →

A new costume for Halloween – and a pinch of jealousy

It’s been a bit tough couple of weeks these last ones. Lots of pressure at work, preparing for guests (my friends Danny and Daz visit was the best!), and life … Continue reading →

Top 10 moments in my life as a bonus-mamma

Contrary to what popular culture dictates, and to what the Grimms’ brothers have been telling us generation after generation, having a sassy step-mom is not that bad. Of course there … Continue reading →

It’s payday

What does a sassy bonusmamma do on payday?  Go shopping for kid’s clothes. Let’s face it. If all the women in my step-kids’ lives didn’t go shopping for them, they … Continue reading →


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