Welcome back to life

A lot has happened since I last blogged about something. I can’t even remember what it was about. I don’t even know why I stopped – or started in the first place. All I know is that I am back. And that for some reason I have traffic on my (until now) dead blog.

Oh, and the stepmother has also become a mother.

baby in beco


Went camping!

We took the kids camping, or the kids took us camping, I don’t know anymore. The important thing is that we packed our (million!) bags, tent, fishing equipment, dogs and food, and went out for a night out in the woods. Two kids, two dogs and two adults sleeping together in a tent for 3. I can say that we weren’t cold! It rained a bit but overall it was nice weather. We caught 4 fishes, grilled burgers and had candy. It was quite hard to fall asleep, so I layed there just looking at the roof and listening to the woods… or at least that what I wished I had been listening to! Instead, I was listening to someone else’s really loud music. Ironic enough, our flat in the middle of Södermalm is actually quieter. At about 3am I woke up with the wind. It was blowing very strong and I was trying to ignore the fact that we were sleeping between trees. Tall trees, strong wind, and a tent are not a good combination! Anyway, we got up at 5 (!), checked the rods for fish, and then the tent was empty, just me and two cosy pugs. Six hours later we are home, fresh and showered, tired, but very happy!

afternoon lake

sitting by the fire



by the fire

at the lake

Rico the pug

Just as Kim says, our dogs have it right. Sometimes we should just shake off the tension, and sigh a huge sigh.

A Healthy Stepmother

I drove my 75-year-old father to the eye doctor yesterday. He struggles with diabetes and the health complications that go along with it. He was also head-injured as a young man so there are no simple conversations. Every interaction is fraught with emotion and debate. As a child, I learned the strategies to work with him when he was unpredictable but since then I’ve spent decades unraveling those strategies as quickly as I could to give myself a fighting chance to have a healthy life of my own.

I’m hooked less and less these days by his inflammatory statements and dramatic way of sharing his concerns. After dropping him off at his house, I could not miss that my sighs were huge, and I don’t remember sighing so freely before.

A sigh is familiar, in fact my dogs sigh constantly. They lie down and heave a big sigh. Ten minutes later, there’s…

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Make up, glitter and colour!

Make-up, dance and fun!

Ok, I am late with this post; it should’ve ideally been out back in January, but hey, better late than never!

It was a bit of a mission to get Saga to agree to a theme, or a “type” of birthday party. We looked around for ideas, and things like “pony-riding” and “make your own demo” party themes came up, with their thousands of kronor attached to them. We suggested a day out in the ski piste with her friends, with hot chocolate and a ski lesson, but Saga didn’t really find it “cool” enough.

So in the end, the theme of the party agreed was: Make-up, dance and fun! Little Saga and her friends gathered at our place where they a glittery makeover, danced to Let’s Dance 3, and went out in town for some pizza. Happy faces, happy bellies, happy moments! Not bad for a bonusmamma!

The tools of the trade!

girl smiling

Waiting for the girls to show up

Make up, glitter and colour!

Make up, glitter and colour!

Warming up to Just Dance 3

Warming up to Just Dance 3

The girls!

The girls!

The girls!

The girls, ready to hit the town!

The birthday girl

The birthday girl

girls waiting for their meal

Makeup and dance make a girl hungry!

Girls smiling


Best friends!

We have feathers in our hair

Steve Tyler rocking the feathers!

The kids spent last weekend with us. I had to rushed in the morning to my Weight Watchers meeting (did I mention I already lost like 3 -almost 4- kg!?) near Hötorget, and dragged Saga with me. She is always happy to hang out without her sister, so she got ready in no-time and was at the door when I was still drying my hair. Anyway, the meeting was cancelled due to illness, and we found another meeting 5 blocks from where we live. So we rushed back and dragged two fellow “fatties” with us – who were also going to the meeting in Hötorget- and made it on time.

On the way back, I wanted to trim my fringe, so we stopped by the hairdressers where I cut my hair last. Last time I was there I got a really cute feather extension stuck to my hair, and it has lasted quite a while now. As a treat and to reward her really good behavior, I let Saga pick her own feather and get it on her hair. A bright green thick and long feather, perfect for the Melodifestivalen’s general rehearsal, for which we had tickets that afternoon.

Obviously Elsa also wanted one as soon as she spotted the brightly coloured feather in her sister’s hair. So at the time they both were sent to school the following Monday, they both have bright coloured feathers in their hair, green and turquoise, a big smile and lots to tell about Melodifestivalen and getting feathers in their hair.


To bonusmammas-in-the-make:

HeartI recently met a girl who reminds me a lot about myself. She is young and wants to literally eat the world, and at 25 she is pretty much where I was when I was 25. Except that she is dating this guy who has kids (I only did that when I turned 28). Anyway, she reminds me of myself, and the other day I was thinking what I would like to tell her about becoming the “dad’s girlfriend” and what she is getting into. I wondered if I would have liked that someone had told/warned me about all what this lifestyle entails. And then I remembered that I did get this “advice” from a colleage in London who married a guy with kids. She said: “run while you can!” I heard but I didn’t listen. And it feels good. So what would I tell this girl? I would simply say “follow your own heart”. That’s it.