Autumn in Haparanda

The dim fell in the middle of the morning over Haparanda and I just could not resist.


Walking home – From Hötorget to Södermalm

Yesterday I decided to walk home after work. Weather was nice, not too windy, and I had a camera too. So I tried to freeze and show the way I see the world. Or at least some parts of Stockholm.




Photo assignment 3: Portrait and Depth of field

This time the challenge was slightly harder. Mastering the depth of field requires understanding how the aperture plays its role, and how you can obtain the maximum out of it. With my very “normal” lens, the max opening is 3.4, at the super best. Using manual focus, and an awesome model, these are the results:

Close up of a feather



































The market stall in Hötorget

Photo assignment 2: lines and colours

The assignment for last week (I know, late post…) was all about colours and lines. It was about composition, golden mean, and what makes a photo interesting. As a nice change from the previous week, we sort of forgot the technical part, and just went into the creative. My two shots of the week where taken form the office at Kungsgatan, looking down into Hötorget.

1. What I like about this photo is how clean everything is, but especially that little round table in the balcony. However, what strikes me the most is the harmony that all the shades have, as they seem to be all down on the same angle. It’s so Scandinavia.

Orange shades in Kungsgatan

The sensor-activated orange shades.

2. The market stall in Hötorget. Do you notice how the asparagus sort of make the Mexican flag? Ok, the Italian one. Whatever. I am fascinated by the colours – and they are not easy to find this time of the year in Stockholm!

The market stall in Hötorget

The market stall in Hötorget

Next assignment: Depth of field, so stay tuned!

Man walking on the snow in Switzerland

My little photo project

So I finally joined the course in Photography that I wanted so much, at Fotografiska. Every Tuesday evening I take the tube from work and then walk from Slussen, towards the beautiful building by the Baltic Sea. It is a 5 minute walk that takes me twice as much, as I take my time to look at Skeppsholmen and towards Djurgården. Simply beautiful.

During the next few weeks I will be publishing the different pictures I submit as part of my assignments from the course. My first assignment was all about shutter speed, and although the white balance in my camera settings were totally wrong, I was very happy with the outcome.

The two photos below were taken in Switzerland, while sitting on the Glaciar Express train, from Andermatt to Davos. The white balance on the camera was set as indoors, and that “error” made the pictures look very different that what the objects look like in reality.

Man walking on the snow in Switzerland

The amount of light at this point was tremendous. I used ISO 100, and the fastest possible speed (which right now I don't remember). It looks like it is taken in the middle of the Antartica, but that is just the effect that having a totally "wrong" white balance gave. In reality, it was a beautiful, sunny day in the Alps, and I was travelling in the Glaciar Express

Floating duck house

Ok, I am a bit less happy with this one... this is a floating duck house, or at least that is what I think it is. It was really hard to shoot it due to the speed at which we were travelling, and the effect with the water makes the house look bigger than it actually was, and it makes it look as if it was drifting away with the current. In reality, this little house was floating very still.