Autumn in Haparanda

The dim fell in the middle of the morning over Haparanda and I just could not resist.

high key photo

Photo assignment 4: Low and high key

Ok this time the photo assignment was a liiiittle bit more challenging. I had to take a high key photo and a low key photo. High key – I thought – would be easy, as I am good at overexposing (on purpose, of course..), but low key did proved to require more effort and resources.

For the over-exposing, I tried to create a “negative” sort of feeling. For this, I would have to go B/W and with something that would let the light through, so I opted for the fabric flowers in my window:

high key photo

High key photo

high key photo

So far so good. It was time to move on to the low key challenge. First, I had to really understand the concept. I went through my notes and I do must admit that I had to google the technique instead as my notes were pretty much illegible. I did some tests that looked like this:

low key test 1low key test 2







So as you can see “pas terrible”… I even used a flash. Not good, but I was starting to get it. In the end, this is what I managed  – with a flashlight, no other lights, a remote and a very, very patient Rico!



Low key 1

Low key 2

Low key 3

Anna dello Russo collaboration with H&M AW2012

H&M collaboration 2012: Anna dello Russo

Finally! the news are out! This year’s collaboration for AW is with Japanese Vogue editor Anna dello Russo. They promise to bring in lots of accessories with an animal theme. We will definitely be queuing! The accessories junky in me already has her eyes on that beautiful lion clutch bag and the crocodile sunnies!

Anna dello Russo collaboration with H&M AW2012

Currents seen from the air

Air drawings – photos from a plane

On the way back from France, flying from Amsterdam to Stockholm, I was suprised by these images when I looked through the window. It’s clear to me that I must get a UV filter, but apart from that, what a view! Lakes and rivers joining the sea, and no ice, only water and the sun playing “mirror”.

Water and sun

Spectacular drawing by Water and Sun

Air view

The sun painting the water currents.

Currents seen from the air

Someone was having fun painting!

Water currents on the Baltic sea

Water currents on the Baltic Sea. No ice in sight, only water, sun and wind.

Water currents in the Baltic Sea

Water currents in the Baltic Sea, with land in sight.

The currents on the Baltic Sea

Only water, wind and sun. No ice or clouds present.

Ships on the Baltic sea seen from above

Ships on the Baltic sea seen from above

Oresund bridge from the air

Oresund bridge from the air

Södermalm from the air

Södermalm from the air. I can spot my house from here!

bridge in Gamla Stan

Beautiful Stockholm

Already  8 months months have passed since we moved to Stockholm and I still haven’t tired of the wonderful views: the narrow streets in Gamla Stan, the canal meeting the sea, the colorful buildings. It is indeed a beautiful city. Arguably the most beautiful city I have ever lived in (despite the weather).

bridge in Gamla Stan

Bridge in Gamla Stan

Light in Gamla Stan

Light in Gamla Stan

The Altar in German Church

The old brewery in Stockholm

Over the old brewery

Gamla Stan in Stockholm

Gamla Stan at night

Walking up Götgatan

Walking up Götgatan

A real party lamp!

As I missed last week’s Design class, I totally missed that there was an assignment. I only found out because there was an extra class on Monday and someone asked how my lamp project was going. So with only a few hours before the deadline, I had to think fast – and make a lamp. Easy. The catch: it had to work. Darn!

So after a few hours of non-sleep and a few nightmares involving lamps, and a speedy visit to the vet, I went to work conviced I had the perfect idea for a quick, quirky enough, functional lamp that would work. So at lunch time I went to Myrorna’s and collected what later I would label as a bunch of junk: an old pink hat, a stand, three metallic sheep, a plastic water-and-glitter filled heart, and a bright green flower. With all that I would make a lamp. Not.

I didn’t even have to try to realise that this idea of lamp was not going to work, so in a brief moment of inspiration, and with the nostalgy of my nights in London drinking cocktails with my girlfriends, I had an idea. And this is the result. Not bad, not bad at all.

My "One More Margarita" lamp

My "One More Margarita" lamp, made with cocktail paper umbrellas

H&M á la Lisbeth Salander

For the Millenium trilogy + fashionistas crowd, H&M just launched a Lisbeth Salander collection. As  you can expect torn jeans, biker jackets and hoodies are part of the 30 pieces by Trish Summerville. I will be queuing on the 14th of November!

Lisbet Salander H&M collection

Lisbet Salander H&M collection out in November