Walking in Södermalm

Yesterday I decided to take a walk back home from Fotografiska, instead of taking the tube. After the class I felt so inspired that I could not miss the chance to just walk around and practice shooting and experimenting. The light was perfect too. I avoided the straight-way through Götgatan and took off through Mariatorget instead, and this is what I found:














bird on lamp

Bagel street cafe

high key photo

Photo assignment 4: Low and high key

Ok this time the photo assignment was a liiiittle bit more challenging. I had to take a high key photo and a low key photo. High key – I thought – would be easy, as I am good at overexposing (on purpose, of course..), but low key did proved to require more effort and resources.

For the over-exposing, I tried to create a “negative” sort of feeling. For this, I would have to go B/W and with something that would let the light through, so I opted for the fabric flowers in my window:

high key photo

High key photo

high key photo

So far so good. It was time to move on to the low key challenge. First, I had to really understand the concept. I went through my notes and I do must admit that I had to google the technique instead as my notes were pretty much illegible. I did some tests that looked like this:

low key test 1low key test 2







So as you can see “pas terrible”… I even used a flash. Not good, but I was starting to get it. In the end, this is what I managed  – with a flashlight, no other lights, a remote and a very, very patient Rico!



Low key 1

Low key 2

Low key 3

Anna dello Russo collaboration with H&M AW2012

H&M collaboration 2012: Anna dello Russo

Finally! the news are out! This year’s collaboration for AW is with Japanese Vogue editor Anna dello Russo. They promise to bring in lots of accessories with an animal theme. We will definitely be queuing! The accessories junky in me already has her eyes on that beautiful lion clutch bag and the crocodile sunnies!

Anna dello Russo collaboration with H&M AW2012


Photo assignment 3: Portrait and Depth of field

This time the challenge was slightly harder. Mastering the depth of field requires understanding how the aperture plays its role, and how you can obtain the maximum out of it. With my very “normal” lens, the max opening is 3.4, at the super best. Using manual focus, and an awesome model, these are the results:

Close up of a feather



































Missoni Pug

Pugs dress-up for Charity

We love pugs. We love dress-ups. We love Charity. This initiative by Luisa Via Roma teaming up with designers, bloggers, and fashion publications runs a charity auction in support to children in China and Bangladesh. I would contribute with a bid, but the numbers went a bit too high for my budget. Luckily these are toys and not meant to be actual clothes for dogs, although I must say that the little preppy outfit by Marras is very tempting!

My favourite ones are the Missoni and Vogue ones. Yours?

Missoni Pug