Another morning on the train

Monochrome Mary JanesTaking easy this morning. The sun is starting to rise earlier and earlier, so it doesn’t feel like I am waking up in the middle of the night anymore. Still at 5:15 I could find very valid arguments as to why it is still “night”.

So it is at 5:15 I wake up every day, only today I snoozed. It was very nice. Would have been ever better if I could have been automatically transported into a Saturday when I forget to turn the alarm on, and then remember it is Saturday. Now that’s nice. But in reality it is only Wednesday and I am meeting a client at work, so as a reward for the effort of waking up so early and to celebrate the earlier sunrise, today is the first day of the year I am wearing sky-high heels to work.

Note: For the security of my fellow pedestrians, and to avoid scratching my lovely mono-chrome Mary-Jane’s I am carrying them in my handbag until I get to the office, in case treacherous ice patches on the pavement cross my way.