Anna dello Russo collaboration with H&M AW2012

H&M collaboration 2012: Anna dello Russo

Finally! the news are out! This year’s collaboration for AW is with Japanese Vogue editor Anna dello Russo. They promise to bring in lots of accessories with an animal theme. We will definitely be queuing! The accessories junky in me already has her eyes on that beautiful lion clutch bag and the crocodile sunnies!

Anna dello Russo collaboration with H&M AW2012


H&M á la Lisbeth Salander

For the Millenium trilogy + fashionistas crowd, H&M just launched a Lisbeth Salander collection. As  you can expect torn jeans, biker jackets and hoodies are part of the 30 pieces by Trish Summerville. I will be queuing on the 14th of November!

Lisbet Salander H&M collection

Lisbet Salander H&M collection out in November

It’s payday

What does a sassy bonusmamma do on payday?  Go shopping for kid’s clothes. Let’s face it. If all the women in my step-kids’ lives didn’t go shopping for them, they would be naked. Or worse, they would be wearing Stadium or Inter-sport from head to toes when it’s father’s week. So just because it is the beginnign of the season, and because they ate two portions each at dinner last night (which very rarely happens when I cook), I am rewarding them with some Autumn essentials:

Lindex, H&M, clothes for the kids

From Lindex and H&M