Anna dello Russo collaboration with H&M AW2012

H&M collaboration 2012: Anna dello Russo

Finally! the news are out! This year’s collaboration for AW is with Japanese Vogue editor Anna dello Russo. They promise to bring in lots of accessories with an animal theme. We will definitely be queuing! The accessories junky in me already has her eyes on that beautiful lion clutch bag and the crocodile sunnies!

Anna dello Russo collaboration with H&M AW2012


My thoughts are with Japan

Geisha with laptopI can’t even begin to really understand the magnitude of what the people in Japan are going through. The initial fear felt with the trembling, the increasing horror at the sight of the gigantic wave engulfing everything as it sweeps through towns and valleys, the culminating panic of a very likely nuclear disaster. Makes your everyday complaints about how late the train is look petty and selfish.