high key photo

Photo assignment 4: Low and high key

Ok this time the photo assignment was a liiiittle bit more challenging. I had to take a high key photo and a low key photo. High key – I thought – would be easy, as I am good at overexposing (on purpose, of course..), but low key did proved to require more effort and resources.

For the over-exposing, I tried to create a “negative” sort of feeling. For this, I would have to go B/W and with something that would let the light through, so I opted for the fabric flowers in my window:

high key photo

High key photo

high key photo

So far so good. It was time to move on to the low key challenge. First, I had to really understand the concept. I went through my notes and I do must admit that I had to google the technique instead as my notes were pretty much illegible. I did some tests that looked like this:

low key test 1low key test 2







So as you can see “pas terrible”… I even used a flash. Not good, but I was starting to get it. In the end, this is what I managed  – with a flashlight, no other lights, a remote and a very, very patient Rico!



Low key 1

Low key 2

Low key 3