Walking home – From Hötorget to Södermalm

Yesterday I decided to walk home after work. Weather was nice, not too windy, and I had a camera too. So I tried to freeze and show the way I see the world. Or at least some parts of Stockholm.




Walking in Södermalm

Yesterday I decided to take a walk back home from Fotografiska, instead of taking the tube. After the class I felt so inspired that I could not miss the chance to just walk around and practice shooting and experimenting. The light was perfect too. I avoided the straight-way through Götgatan and took off through Mariatorget instead, and this is what I found:














bird on lamp

Bagel street cafe

bridge in Gamla Stan

Beautiful Stockholm

Already  8 months months have passed since we moved to Stockholm and I still haven’t tired of the wonderful views: the narrow streets in Gamla Stan, the canal meeting the sea, the colorful buildings. It is indeed a beautiful city. Arguably the most beautiful city I have ever lived in (despite the weather).

bridge in Gamla Stan

Bridge in Gamla Stan

Light in Gamla Stan

Light in Gamla Stan

The Altar in German Church

The old brewery in Stockholm

Over the old brewery

Gamla Stan in Stockholm

Gamla Stan at night

Walking up Götgatan

Walking up Götgatan

Letter to my hips

Dear hips,

Pasta and goats cheese

Photo by bitchincamero,

I am so sorry. I didn’t really have a choice. The whole “after-cold” feeling together with work blues took away all the chances to feed you healthy food today. I swear I did had the intention to find some healthy tomato soup, but after walking into 4 different places in Drottninggatan with no success I had to give in. This time my brain and my heart won over you. So please forgive my weakness today. And the decadent carb-fueled pasta with goats cheese, with extra parmesan. And please, please, please don’t take it back on me on the scales. Pretty please?

A very sorry Glenda (and a very happy belly!)

PS. Please ignore yesterday’s Thai too 🙂

Shopping for bonus-kids’ clothes

Ok this is a tricky one. Depending on how you divide or combine your economies, and whether or not you are confortable with it, shopping for your bonus-children’s clothes can be pure hell or pleasure. Or something in between. In our case we do have a combined economy. That means that both of our salaries get paid into the same account. This is a bit old-fashioned and would probably not suit everyone, so only as long as you are ok with it should you try it. So, regardless of how much each of us gets every month, everything gets paid from our combined budget: rent, bills, magazine subscriptions, transport cards and petrol, food, dinners out… and also clothes, shoes, school stuff, friends’ birthday presents to take to parties, school and fritids fees, and all the costs that having 2 kids convey.

So far, having a combined economy has worked for us, but I can understand that it does not work for every sassy bonusmamma out there. If you don’t agree with putting up with having to share your deal with the kids’ material needs that cost money, then don’t, but be very clear since the beginning to avoid disputes and dissappointments. Go to your bank together with your man, and work out a solution. Maybe a common account where you both put money every month? Just remember it is quite hard to separate every cost there is in a household. Be prepared to go as far as you really want to, and face the consequences. Don’t get into a deal that you will eventually resent, but be aware that dividing the bills is not cristal clear. Will you pay less than half because there are 3 of them but only one you? Is it fair, or is it too far? Only you and him can make that decision.

In our case, it works. Maybe because they are girls (yes!), but I must admit that I L.O.V.E going shopping for them. Read: FOR them, not exactly WITH them – that’s a different story. So this is what they got yesterday. Cute, huh?

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black and pink dress from Zara Kids autumn collection

From Zara Kids autumn collection

orange sequinned heart t-shirt

T-shirt from Zara Kids Autumn -11 collection