Ove and Rico visit the office

Friday was sunny and beautiful in Stockholm, and as we were going to the Ozzy concert, I thought I’d bring my puggies with me to work so that they wouldn’t be too bothered about us being out. Rico was calm and cool, and Ove was a little fury hurricane sweeping through the office and barking. Same same.


Jan Von Holleben’s dreams of flying

Thought you had great, amazing pictures of your kids? Check Jan Von Holleben‘s. Beautiful, creative, wonderful.

The Rocketteers

The Rocketteers

Jan Von Holleben's The Gardener

The Gardener

Jan Von Holleben's The King Kong

The King Kong

Jan Von Holleben's The Ghostbusters

The Ghostbusters

Jan Von Holleben's The Balloon Flyer

The Balloon Flyer

Jan Von Holleben's The Flower Boys

The Flower Boys

Jan Von Holleben's The Giants

The Giants

Jan Von Holleben's Tarzan and Jan

Tarzan and Jan

Jan Von Holleben's The Wizards

The Wizards

Jan Von Holleben's The Santa Claus

The Santa Claus

And now… time for training!

Speeding up through the day to be able to join a training class at SATS. Speedy at work, speedy trip home for lunch (50 min, incl. tube ride, eating, and taking Rico out – and back on time for a meeting!), speedy meeting at Upplands, speedy going back to the office, and speeding through an email campaign… ufff!!! and now, speedy posting before rushing to my SATS Core class. Because I need to do some exercise!!


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Rarely but common – about a blog

Googling through different terms for Bonusmamma I found a very nice and warm blog. Interesting enough, it is written by:

1. A girl (like me!)

2. Who is with a guy who has two small kids (me again!)

3. Who does not have kids of her own (ring a bell?)

Ok. That wasn’t too hard. The fun part is that she works in the same business I work (sort of), and rants about the same things I do, only she does dare say it. Damn it! Need some sharpening up!

Go Malin! 🙂

Still a “supermom”? Move on. Passing with my eyes closed.

After having consumed my fair amount of “women magazines” in 4 countries, and having worked in advertisement for women, with women and pushing women-brands, I have suddenly freaked out. Three words: Too.Much.Pressure. But pressure from who, or what? One word: Women. So women are putting lots of pressure on women. Generation after generation, daughters becoming moms who have daughters, who then become moms…you get the point. Then the 60’s and the movement of feminists came up, and Philips Morris launched their Virginia Slims under the slogan “You’ve come a long way, baby.”

Fast forward 50 years and women have come an even longer way. They are highly educated, climbed social and professional ranks, and are simply the product of a generation of women who have fought for equality inside and outside their homes. Yet with these changes come the after-effects. I read in a magazine in Belgium not long ago that our generation (those of us born in the 70’s-80’s) live a life under a constant pressure. The model of the “perfect mother” from the 50’s has evolved to demand from us women to be beautiful, intelligent, bloomed, slim but with the right amount of curves, a sex-bomb, creative and an artist in the kitchen. All of that together with being the ideal mom (and breastfeed), patient, pedagogic, tolerant, in a happy (re)marriage, in great terms with her ex, ambitious but with integrity, and to have a life outside work and being a mom. Phew! and don’t forget to publish on Facebook those fabulous cupcakes that rival the Hummingbird bakery in Portobello Road. And that’s “supermom” for you. Phew!

Thankfully, the Supermom is slowly but surely disappearing – at least among us Millennium women. We no longer want to have everything perfectly in order, and we do not want to be the Supermoms. Sometimes not even moms. Only women, real women who do not feel any guilt over having interests outside being a caretaker, a provider and a nurturer. We are weary of the “mummy-trap”.  No longer defined by our husbands (Mrs. John Doe) or our domestic roles (housewife), and no longer wanting exactly the same as  the feminists in the 70’s we work, we parent, we lead and we choose.

I made the news today – oh boy…

Seems like not a lot of foreigners are getting jobs in Sweden right now. I am one of the lucky few who is lucky (and determined) enough to actually work in the area of my choice – and love it. Last year I was involved in a project for designed to help foreigners with studies and work experience get a job in Sweden, at Stockholm’s University. They have now published a review on the program, Korta Vägen.