Welcome back to life

A lot has happened since I last blogged about something. I can’t even remember what it was about. I don’t even know why I stopped – or started in the first place. All I know is that I am back. And that for some reason I have traffic on my (until now) dead blog.

Oh, and the stepmother has also become a mother.

baby in beco


How did I get into this in the first place?

Dear Amelia readers, you will soon find out.








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Rarely but common – about a blog

Googling through different terms for Bonusmamma I found a very nice and warm blog. Interesting enough, it is written by:

1. A girl (like me!)

2. Who is with a guy who has two small kids (me again!)

3. Who does not have kids of her own (ring a bell?)

Ok. That wasn’t too hard. The fun part is that she works in the same business I work (sort of), and rants about the same things I do, only she does dare say it. Damn it! Need some sharpening up!

Go Malin! 🙂

So long Vanghärad, hello Södermalm!



It has been now about four weeks since we moved from Vanghärad to the heart of Södermalm. Roughly about the same time since I last wrote an entry to this blog (oops). Our lives have entered a new phase, with a new dynamic, and a new routine to get used to.

We still get the kids every other week, and the good thing about being so far between households is that it actually forces us to be more organised. No more running back and forth between houses when boots or judo uniform are forgotten. Now that I think about it, it would actually be a good idea to have some sort of checklist hanging from the door: lunch-box, backpack, judo uniforms, mamma-toys/clothes, homework, library books, trainers, boots, outdoor-clothes… long list indeed! Luckily we have a small level of “cheat” in all this, is that Pappa still works in Vagnhärad and he travels there every day – so he can drop the forgotten items at school. And so far, we are all loving Södermalm. Even Rico got a new group of puggy-friends to play with every Sunday!

Back in business, baby!

It’s been a while since my last post. I guess since the sun has been out and the days have become warmer in Sweden, I’ve been finding the perfect excuses to stay outside and soak up the sunrays instead of looking after my blog. But now I’m back and ready to tell you more about what it is to be a bonusmamma in Sweden!

Sunny lunchtime in Hötorget

Sunny lunchtime in Hötorget

From island to island

Staring at the screen, trying to overcome the (in)famous “blank page”. I’m thinking I should be full of ideas, bursting with creativity, too many things to write, too little time… after all, it is only my second post.  I wonder how many posts am I allowed to complain about having no idea what I am writing about – and if anyone care. I wonder also  if I am still allowed to moan about how early I wake up to catch a train to Stockholm every morning, knowing that we are moving into Stocholm in just 6 weeks. Can you call a 10 min ride on the underground “commuting”? Would that be an insult to my then former fellow commuters who will keep taking the 6:25 train? Maybe I will walk instead. Should be nice going through Södermalm, crossing Gamla Stan and up Drottninggatan. From island to island, dreaming with my eyes open.