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Having lived and loved in many countries, I am an expat currently living (and loving!) in Sweden. Always first to give advice in love and money (specifically shopping!), but not the best to preach through example. I love shoes, pugs and ice-cream.

Welcome back to life

A lot has happened since I last blogged about something. I can’t even remember what it was about. I don’t even know why I stopped – or started in the first place. All I know is that I am back. And that for some reason I have traffic on my (until now) dead blog.

Oh, and the stepmother has also become a mother.

baby in beco


Went camping!

We took the kids camping, or the kids took us camping, I don’t know anymore. The important thing is that we packed our (million!) bags, tent, fishing equipment, dogs and food, and went out for a night out in the woods. Two kids, two dogs and two adults sleeping together in a tent for 3. I can say that we weren’t cold! It rained a bit but overall it was nice weather. We caught 4 fishes, grilled burgers and had candy. It was quite hard to fall asleep, so I layed there just looking at the roof and listening to the woods… or at least that what I wished I had been listening to! Instead, I was listening to someone else’s really loud music. Ironic enough, our flat in the middle of Södermalm is actually quieter. At about 3am I woke up with the wind. It was blowing very strong and I was trying to ignore the fact that we were sleeping between trees. Tall trees, strong wind, and a tent are not a good combination! Anyway, we got up at 5 (!), checked the rods for fish, and then the tent was empty, just me and two cosy pugs. Six hours later we are home, fresh and showered, tired, but very happy!

afternoon lake

sitting by the fire



by the fire

at the lake

Ove and Rico visit the office

Friday was sunny and beautiful in Stockholm, and as we were going to the Ozzy concert, I thought I’d bring my puggies with me to work so that they wouldn’t be too bothered about us being out. Rico was calm and cool, and Ove was a little fury hurricane sweeping through the office and barking. Same same.