Walking in Södermalm

Yesterday I decided to take a walk back home from Fotografiska, instead of taking the tube. After the class I felt so inspired that I could not miss the chance to just walk around and practice shooting and experimenting. The light was perfect too. I avoided the straight-way through Götgatan and took off through Mariatorget instead, and this is what I found:














bird on lamp

Bagel street cafe

Currents seen from the air

Air drawings – photos from a plane

On the way back from France, flying from Amsterdam to Stockholm, I was suprised by these images when I looked through the window. It’s clear to me that I must get a UV filter, but apart from that, what a view! Lakes and rivers joining the sea, and no ice, only water and the sun playing “mirror”.

Water and sun

Spectacular drawing by Water and Sun

Air view

The sun painting the water currents.

Currents seen from the air

Someone was having fun painting!

Water currents on the Baltic sea

Water currents on the Baltic Sea. No ice in sight, only water, sun and wind.

Water currents in the Baltic Sea

Water currents in the Baltic Sea, with land in sight.

The currents on the Baltic Sea

Only water, wind and sun. No ice or clouds present.

Ships on the Baltic sea seen from above

Ships on the Baltic sea seen from above

Oresund bridge from the air

Oresund bridge from the air

Södermalm from the air

Södermalm from the air. I can spot my house from here!

bridge in Gamla Stan

Beautiful Stockholm

Already  8 months months have passed since we moved to Stockholm and I still haven’t tired of the wonderful views: the narrow streets in Gamla Stan, the canal meeting the sea, the colorful buildings. It is indeed a beautiful city. Arguably the most beautiful city I have ever lived in (despite the weather).

bridge in Gamla Stan

Bridge in Gamla Stan

Light in Gamla Stan

Light in Gamla Stan

The Altar in German Church

The old brewery in Stockholm

Over the old brewery

Gamla Stan in Stockholm

Gamla Stan at night

Walking up Götgatan

Walking up Götgatan

So long Vanghärad, hello Södermalm!



It has been now about four weeks since we moved from Vanghärad to the heart of Södermalm. Roughly about the same time since I last wrote an entry to this blog (oops). Our lives have entered a new phase, with a new dynamic, and a new routine to get used to.

We still get the kids every other week, and the good thing about being so far between households is that it actually forces us to be more organised. No more running back and forth between houses when boots or judo uniform are forgotten. Now that I think about it, it would actually be a good idea to have some sort of checklist hanging from the door: lunch-box, backpack, judo uniforms, mamma-toys/clothes, homework, library books, trainers, boots, outdoor-clothes… long list indeed! Luckily we have a small level of “cheat” in all this, is that Pappa still works in Vagnhärad and he travels there every day – so he can drop the forgotten items at school. And so far, we are all loving Södermalm. Even Rico got a new group of puggy-friends to play with every Sunday!

Walking to work

We finally moved into our new flat in Södermalm! And we are absolutely loving it. You will notice from the time betweent the last post and this one that we have been up to our necks with everything to do with the moving and stuff. Phew! But today I decided to skip the tube and take a walk, all 3.1 km – so worth it! Maybe I found my new route to a healthier lifestyle.

3 more days…

Three more days until we get the keys to our brand new flat in Södermalm. With butterflies in my belly, and the longest shopphing list for furniture and “stuff” (though not the biggest bank account!), I wonder if I will miss Vagnhärad. Maybe on Sundays. Definitely not on Monday mornings!

With all the packing and boxing, Rico makes sure he doesn't get left out!


Kids’ last evening at the house

Last night was the kids’ last night at our house before we move to Stockholm. Bittersweet is the only word I can find to describe the atmosphere. We tried to make it better by bringing the “fredagsmys” forward and doing a “ondsdagsmys” instead. We brought the sofa from the computer room into our almost empty living-room, put some dill and taco-flavour dips (taco-flavour is not something I’m willing to comment on) on the table, together with some bowls with carrots, celery, sweet red peppers and crisps. Thrown in the Wii, the SuperMario Galaxy game, and a forever-hungry pug, and the  kids’ last evening at the house they have lived in for 7 years (well, 6 for the little one!) could so perfectly be described as “mysigt”.